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Transform your business with advanced energy monitoring

Unlock Efficiency, Sustainability, and Savings

In today's dynamic business environment, small and medium-sized enterprises face the dual challenge of reducing operational costs and minimising their environmental impact. POWERSight, Indicium's IoT-based energy monitoring system is designed to tackle these challenges head-on, offering a comprehensive approach to energy management that is more accurate and cost-effective than manual methods of observation.

Have you ever wondered how much more efficient your business could be?

At Indicium, we believe the key to unlocking operational efficiency lies in understanding and optimising your energy usage. POWERSight, our IoT Energy Monitoring solution is designed to do just that, providing actionable insights that will help to drive cost savings and enhance environmental sustainability in your business.

What if you could:

✅ Identify inefficiencies in real-time with advanced smart meters?

✅ Adapt and optimise energy use for peak efficiency?

✅ Elevate your sustainability efforts while also improving your bottom line?

Contact us today to find out how POWERSight can help your business reach its efficiency and sustainability goals.

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Elevate your energy efficiencies with ease 


Our team deploys high-precision, LoRaWAN-enabled devices across your premises, ensuring comprehensive monitoring with minimal disruption to your daily operations.



Real-time insights
& actions

Instantly access tailored dashboards on the INDICIUM Platform, offering clear, actionable insights into your energy usage. Make informed decisions with data-driven clarity, optimising your energy consumption like never before.


Enjoy continuous improvement & savings

We work with you to audit your energy consumption to pinpoint inefficiencies and tailor recommendations for improvements. This ongoing adjustment ensures your business not only meets but exceeds sustainability and efficiency goals.


Make a strategic investment in your sustainable future

POWERSight aligns with your environmental conservation efforts and operational excellence objectives, setting a new benchmark in energy management. By reducing your Scope 2 emissions and operational expenses, we help you make a significant impact — 

lowering energy consumption

The energy audit included in our package offers a clear pathway to not just immediate efficiency gains but a long-term commitment to sustainability. By pinpointing inefficiencies and informing targeted improvements, we empower your business to maximise energy conservation and cost savings, enhancing your operational transparency and contributing positively to environmental stewardship

Why choose us?

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Gain the ability to remotely monitor and manage your operations in real time, providing immediate insights into performance and allowing for swift decision-making

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Create interactive dashboards tailored to your specific needs, offering a comprehensive view of your energy consumption and quality data. Drill into usage trends to uncover valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making

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Define customised thresholds for various parameters, receive instant alerts when these thresholds are breached, and take control of your systems promptly to address potential issues before they escalate

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Anticipate future trends and outcomes for energy needs across assets and buildings across business sites, allowing for proactive decision-making that ensures you can optimise your consumption and infrastructure for future energy needs.

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Leverage ongoing monitoring and data-driven adjustments to ensure sustained energy efficiency gains and operational excellence over time, providing a source of evidence of the impact of practice changes.

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Ensure long-term relevance and adaptability by leveraging scalable solutions. Our IoT offerings grow with your business, accommodating monitoring across other business parameters including water consumption, air quality, asset tracking - plus many other data sets.

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Create and share dashboards with tenants, sustainability managers and property owners, helping them to better understand and improve their energy use practices.

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Easily generate reports that illustrate compliance with sustainability standards.

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What's next?

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Let's harness the power of smart technology to make your business more efficient, resilient, and sustainable.

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