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Disaster  Prevention

Harnessing technology to predict, monitor and respond to natural disasters

Natural disasters pose significant challenges due to their sudden onset, limited predictability, extensive destruction, and the strain they place on emergency response resources.

The role of technology is pivotal in addressing these challenges by offering early warning systems, predictive modeling, real-time monitoring, and data analytics.

natural disaster prevention

We help to minimise the loss and damage caused by natural disasters

Indicium's disaster prevention solutions help to minimise the impact of natural disasters by leveraging integrated technologies both on the ground and in space. Through a comprehensive approach, our solutions provide a detailed and real-time picture of potential risks associated with natural disasters, achieved by using a broad suite of devices to monitor environmental conditions and potential hazards.

Whether it's through real-time data analytics, satellite imagery, or on-the-ground sensors, Indicium's solutions offer a holistic view of the situation. This enables emergency responders to make informed decisions quickly, enhancing the efficiency of response efforts and reducing the impact of natural disasters.

flood forcasting & natural disaster prevention

Disaster prediction and monitoring

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Facilitating rapid response to natural disasters


Remote, Real-time Visibility

Access and view your disaster monitoring data in real-time, allowing for rapid decision-making

Centralised Dashboards

See your data from all sources in the field in one centralised location, supporting faster decision-making for rapid impact

Superior Analytics

Store data, allowing for historical analysis to identify patterns and early identification of risk

Data-informed decision-making

Improve the safety of people, infrastructure and the environment using accurate and timely data

Automate Processes and Alerts

Set automated processes and alerts that enable prompt action and operational adjustments

Facilitate response collaboration

Data collected and displayed via dashboards can be shared internally and externally, improving response efforts through alignment between key disaster management stakeholders

Fire foresight disaster prediction management

Bushfire detection and monitoring

The growing risk of bushfires globally poses a significant challenge to ecosystems, communities, and economies. Factors such as climate change, human land use, and the accumulation of flammable materials in forests have contributed to an increase in the frequency, intensity, and unpredictability of bushfires.


Early detection of bushfires is critical in preventing these events from escalating into catastrophic disasters. Timely identification allows for quicker response times by firefighting and emergency services, significantly reducing the spread of the fire, minimising damage to property and loss of life, and preserving biodiversity.

Our fire management solution, Fire Foresight, combines the best of data analytics, IoT connectivity, and AI-powered vision to bring you the most advanced bushfire detection system available. 

Flash Flood Forecasting System

Flash flooding is a significant natural hazard in Australia, causing extensive damage and economic losses. According to the Insurance Council of Australia, the 2022 flood event in South-East Queensland and coastal New South Wales was estimated to be Australia's costliest flood ever, with insured losses amounting to $3.35 billion from 197,000 claims. This event underscores the severe financial impact flooding can have on communities and the economy.


Indicium Dynamics' Flash Flood Monitoring System is unique because it integrates real-time rainfall data with historical rain events over the past 7 days to calculate flood probabilities. This approach, which leverages data from the Bureau of Meteorology and Australian Rainfall-Runoff flood curves, offers more accurate flood-risk predictions by accounting for soil water accumulation. This system enhances preparedness and response to flash flood events through automated alerts, visual dashboards, and easy-to-use analytics, making it a significant improvement over traditional methods that rely on discrete rainfall windows without considering prior events. 

flood and Fire forsight disaster prediction management

Helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Indicium's flash flood forecasting and fire detection technologies play a vital role in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those aimed at disaster risk reduction, environmental sustainability, and public health.


Specifically, these solutions contribute by:

  • Reducing the impact of disasters through early warnings (Target 11.5), thereby safeguarding lives and property

  • Supporting Target 13.1 by enhancing resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards

  • In the realm of environmental conservation, Targets 15.1 and 15.2 are addressed through the protection of ecosystems from the impact of fires and floods

  •  Bolstering disaster preparedness and reducing health risks associated with natural disasters (Target 3.d)

Fire forsight disaster prediction management
 sustainable cities and flood prediction
disaster prediction & climate action
disaster prediction for agriculture & farming

Some of our disaster prevention solutions

Fire foresight disaster prediction management


Indicium's AI-driven early fire detection solution

flood forcasting & natural disaster prevention

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