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Water Management

Using technology to ensure a sustainable water future

In a world where water scarcity and quality concerns are escalating, harnessing the power of technology to understand and safeguard water resources has become imperative.

water management Pipe controller

We drive decision-making that informs sustainable water management practices

At Indicium, our water monitoring solutions ensure that water resources are managed intelligently. 

We provide individuals and organisations with the tools to make informed decisions, optimising access to water resources while improving sustainability practices by reducing wastage.


Whether it's monitoring stored water levels, river water levels, soil moisture levels, fuel moisture levels, water usage, or wastewater conditions, our technology offers a holistic approach to addressing the multifaceted challenges in water management.

Water Management Intelligence at your fingertips

Water flow and quality water monitoring & management


water monitoring &  management Fault/leak detection


water level monitoring & management


water management of waste water


monitoring & management of Soil moisture levels


water management of rainfall & evaporation


water management for flood prediction


water monitoring &  management for Irrigation control


Our water management solutions deliver tangible performance outcomes

Remote, Real-time Visibility

Access and view water flow and quality data in real-time, allowing for rapid improvement in efficiencies

Centralised Dashboards

See your data from all sources in the field in one centralised location, supporting faster decision-making for rapid impact

Superior Analytics

Store data, allowing for historical analysis to identify trends, and predict future resource and infrastructure needs

Set Targets and Reports 

Set benchmarks and efficiency targets, and use stored data as evidence for sustainability certification

Automate Processes and Alerts

Set automated processes and alerts that enable prompt action and operational adjustments to mitigate risks and avoid service disruption and downtime

water management & monitoring of major pipes

Our water management solutions can help you achieve your water sustainability goals 

water meter for water management

Water Monitoring

​Track water consumption, water quality, and flow in real-time providing granular insights into your water usage patterns.

water management & monitoring Graph

Establish a baseline

Analyse historical data to establish a baseline for water usage, and identify areas for improvement.

water management & monitoring target

Set targets 

Using historical data insights, easily set specific, measurable, and actionable targets for reducing water consumption and enhancing sustainability performance.

water recycling through water management

Use data to guide change

Utilise data analytics to pinpoint inefficiencies, 

empowering informed decision-making and implement targeted changes to optimise water use efficiencies.

lower water usage though water management

Track change

Utilise continuous monitoring and analysis to track the effectiveness of your sustainability initiatives in real-time, ensuring that efforts to reduce water use yield tangible results.

report on water management & monitoring

Communicate impact

Generate detailed reports showcasing the impact of your sustainability efforts, facilitating transparency and accountability in achieving environmental goals.

We're proud that our solutions are helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Our water monitoring projects enable utilities and water management personnel to better understand water use. 

Real-time water monitoring ensures water leaks are detected quickly, preventing unnecessary waste of water resources. These outcomes are aligned with Target 6.4 - Increase water use efficiency and ensure freshwater supplies.

clean water through water management & monitoring

We have delivered water management solutions across a wide range of industries

forestry using water management & monitoring
water management for Agriculture
water management for manufacturing
water management for smart cities
water management for Construction
water management for utilities

Some of our water management use cases

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you achieve your organisational and sustainability goals.

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