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Online Carbon Estimator Tool

A simple-to-use online tool to assist farm owners and land managers to estimate the carbon footprint of their farm activities

Free Range Cows

Indicium is proud to have worked alongside the Tasmanian Forest Hub and Private Forests Tasmania to build a simple-to-use online tool to assist farm owners and land managers in estimating the carbon footprint of their farm activities.


The Carbon Estimator Tool asks some simple questions about the size of the land and the density of stock grazing on that land. Further, it allows the user to input any areas of native/remnant vegetation or timber to capture any possible carbon sequestration that occurs in these areas.


Finally, an estimate is produced which indicates the estimated annual carbon footprint in tonnes per annum. This may be either positive or negative if the overall land use is sequestering or emitting carbon. Landowners can then get an estimate of the area of land that can be converted to plantation timber to offset carbon emissions.


Overall, the tool is designed to provide a quick 3-minute estimate to provide greater insight into carbon emissions and the benefit plantation timber can play in offsetting these in the long term.

The insights gathered through this tool will enable farmers to initiate discussions and devise plans for achieving carbon neutrality on their farms, positioning them to meet the growing expectation that all enterprises must be carbon-neutral by 2030.

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