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Sustainable Cities

Using technology to build resilient and sustainable cities

By 2050, an estimated 68% of the global population will live in cities, underscoring the urgency to ensure these spaces are productive, accessible, and enhance residents' quality of life.

Technology solutions, including IoT, data analytics, renewable energy integration, and smart grids, play a crucial role in promoting resource efficiency and sustainability in urban environments.

smart & sustainable cities - weather monitoring

We help to create connected and sustainable cities

Indicium's Smart Cities solutions combine the power of the INDICIUM Platform to integrate data sources from a wide range of monitoring technologies, offering street-level insights into the interactions between urban environments and the people living within them.

Harness the power of our Smart Cities solutions to simplify the monitoring, management, and enhancement of services. Indicium collaborates with both public and private entities, customising real-time solutions to help keep track of service and asset performance, promptly address maintenance and safety needs, optimise operations, and effortlessly identify opportunities for efficiency and sustainability improvements.

We offer a practical approach to urban development, making cities more responsive and enjoyable places to live.

sustainable cities

Sustainable city intelligence at your fingertips

Water flow & quality in smart & sustainable cities


Fault/leak detection monitoring in  in smart & sustainable cities


 smart & sustainable cities water level monitoring


waste water monitoring in smart cities


Air quality monitoring in smart & sustainable cities


irrigation control  in smart & sustainable cities


Waste level monitoring in sustainable cities


weather monitoring  in smart & sustainable cities


smart & sustainable cities Asset tracking


flood prediction monitoring  in smart & sustainable cities


Energy use monitoring  in smart & sustainable cities


movement sensor in smart & sustainable cities


Delivering positive outcomes for urban experiences and wellbeing through sustainable cities solutions

Remote, Real-time Visibility

Access and view your city data in real-time, allowing for rapid decision-making

Centralised Dashboards

See your data from all sources in the field in one centralised location, supporting faster decision-making for rapid impact

Superior Analytics

Store data, allowing for historical analysis to identify patterns and early identification of risk

Data-informed decision-making

Improve the safety of people, infrastructure and the environment using accurate and timely data

Automate Processes and Alerts

Set automated processes and alerts that enable prompt action and operational adjustments

indicium technology for sustainable cities

Helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Smart city technologies directly contribute to SDGs by enhancing resource efficiency (SDG 12.2), improving water and sanitation management (SDG 6), boosting energy efficiency (SDG 7.3), and strengthening resilience to climate change (SDG 13.1). These innovations support sustainable urban development (SDG 11) and protect urban ecosystems (SDG 15), effectively addressing global sustainability challenges and enhancing urban life.

clean water for for sustainable cities
clean energy for sustainable cities
sustainable cities & communties
cliamet action for sustainable cities
reducing waste in sustainable cities
sustainable cities and land use

Indicium Dynamics has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to enhance our community space through smart city technologies. They developed and delivered a simple, yet practical IoT solution that effectively addressed our specific challenges related to maintaining this popular community space, while also helping us be more efficient with our allocation of resources.


We are on a clear path towards becoming a smarter, more connected community, and Indicium's solutions have played a pivotal role in this progress

Jeffrey Griffiths
Deputy General Manager, Devonport City Council

Some of our Sustainable Cities projects

End User Control System

Parkes Shire Council

sustainable water usage in sustainable cities
smart & sustainable cities Devonport project

Devonport City Council

Ready to find out more about sustainable cities?

Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you achieve your organisational and sustainability goals.

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