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Fire Management

Using integrated technologies to predict, detect and manage and fire risk

As the world faces prolonged fire seasons, rising temperatures, shifting weather patterns, and diminished rainfall, the threat of wildfires looms large.

Fire monitoring technologies play a crucial role in improving fire management, including prevention, early detection, and swift responses to fire events.

Fire monitoring & management

We enhance fire resilience with innovative technology

At Indicium, our fire monitoring solutions optimise the management of fire risk in both natural and urban environments. Our advanced technological solutions integrate data from an array of monitoring devices to deliver holistic, accurate and timely data insights.


Powered by the INDICIUM Platform, our solutions deliver environmental insights that support informed decision-making, helping to protect both commercial and community assets through enhancing fire management practices.

landscape fire management & fire monitoring

Fire monitoring intelligence at your fingertips

weather monitoring on iot platform


soil moisture monitor for fire management & monitoring


Fuel moisture monitor for fire management & monitoring


Air quality monitor for fire management & monitoring


Fire detection monitor for fire management


Our solutions provide dynamic, transparent data insights for land, forest and fire managers

Remote, Real-time Visibility

Access and view your landscape vision in real time, allowing for rapid detection and decision-making

Centralised Dashboards

See your data from all sources in the field in one centralised location, supporting faster decision-making for rapid impact

Superior Analytics

Powered by AI, our solutions analyse camera vision to support rapid detection and alerting of fire events

Data-informed decision-making

Improve the safety of people, infrastructure and the environment using accurate and timely data

Automate Processes and Alerts

Set automated processes and alerts that enable prompt action and operational adjustments

The future of fire detection is here....

We are proud to present FIRE FORESIGHT, an innovative service that utilises the INDICIUM Platform to provide AI-powered computer vision for fire detection.

FIRE FORESIGHT combines the best of data analytics, IoT, and AI-powered vision to bring you the most advanced bushfire detection system available.​

Fire Foresight for  fire monitoring & management
Fire Foresight Camera over Tasmanian Wilderness for fire monitoring

We're proud that our solutions are helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The integration of fire management technology, particularly AI-powered cameras for smoke detection, significantly contributes to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by enhancing disaster risk reduction (Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities), promoting adaptive responses to climate-related hazards (Goal 13: Climate Action), and safeguarding ecosystems and biodiversity (Goal 15: Life on Land). These technologies enable early detection of wildfires, reducing damage to the environment and communities, thereby supporting efforts towards building sustainable, resilient infrastructures and promoting effective climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

smart cities
climate action through fire monitoring
iot technology for agritech

Our fire detection solutions can be used across a wide range of industry applications

fire monitoring for agriculture
fire monitoring  for Utilities
fire monitoring & management for smart cities
fire monitoring & management for Forestry
fire monitoring & management for Mining

Some of our fire management projects

fuel moisture probe image

Sustainable Timber Tasmania

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you achieve your organisational and sustainability goals.

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