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Technology solutions supporting reliable, safe and sustainable management of energy infrastructure

Real-time data has become vital to navigating the dynamic landscape of evolving energy demands and environmental reporting considerations. Swift adaptation to changes and ensuring seamless service delivery are now imperative for the power industry.

Investing in advanced data analytics and monitoring systems has become a cornerstone of futureproofing energy provision, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive response in this ever-changing landscape.

Energy management centre Dashboard Indicium

Supporting service reliability and risk mitigation for energy management with data you can trust

Driven by the robust INDICIUM Stack, our energy management solutions empower energy managers with real-time data insights, enhancing service reliability optimisation and asset management efficiency.


In the face of escalating global temperatures, these data-driven insights become instrumental in mitigating risks and ensuring a dependable service for customers.


Our energy management services offer proactive risk mitigation, historical data analysis, and seamless integration with billing systems, contributing to immediate operational benefits and long-term resilience in the dynamic landscape of utility management

powerlines for energy management centre

Energy intelligence at your fingertips

energy management systems for energy consumption


energy management systems for Power quality monitoring


energy management systems for grid performance


energy management systems for fault detection


Our energy management solutions deliver tangible performance outcomes

Remote, Real-time Visibility

Access and view energy flow and quality data in real-time, allowing for rapid improvement in efficiencies

Centralised Dashboards

See your data from all sources in the field in one centralised location, supporting faster decision-making for rapid impact

Superior Analytics

Store data, allowing for historical analysis to identify trends, and predict future resource and infrastructure needs

Set Targets and Reports 

Set benchmarks and efficiency targets, and use stored data as evidence for sustainability certification

Automate Processes and Alerts

Set automated processes and alerts that enable prompt action and operational adjustments to mitigate risks and avoid service disruption and downtime

energy management systems  of power lines

Our energy management solutions
can help you achieve your sustainability goals 

energy meter for energy management systems


​Track consumption, power quality, and flow in real-time providing granular insights into your energy usage patterns.

establish base for energy management systems

Establish a baseline

Analyse historical data to establish a baseline for energy usage, and identify areas for improvement 

set targets for energy management systems

Set targets 

Using historical data insights, easily set specific, measurable, and actionable targets for reducing energy consumption and enhancing sustainability performance.

use data for energy management & effiency

Use data to guide change

Utilise data analytics to pinpoint inefficiencies, 

empowering informed decision-making and implement targeted changes to optimise energy usage.

track change of energy management systems

Track change

Utilise continuous monitoring and analysis to track the effectiveness of your sustainability initiatives in real-time, ensuring that efforts to reduce energy consumption yield tangible results.

energy management centre report

Communicate impact

Generate detailed reports showcasing the impact of your sustainability efforts, facilitating transparency and accountability in achieving environmental goals.

We're proud that our solutions are helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Our energy management solutions enable utilities and energy managers to monitor energy consumption in real-time and retrospectively via historical analysis of data. This information can be used to help understand usage patterns, set goals for improvement, and track usage against these goals. These outcomes support the achievement of Target 7.3 - which calls for the doubling of the improvement in energy efficiency by 2030.

Affordable & Clean Energy management

A wide range of industry applications

energy management centre for Forestry
energy management systems for agriculture
energy management systems for manufacturing
energy management centre for smart cities
energy management systems for construction
using our energy management systems

Some of our energy management use cases

using energy management in cosmetics

Global cosmetics client

Indicium's energy management solutions in the news

Global data article for energy management by Indicium

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you achieve your organisational, energy management  and sustainability goals.

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