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Indicium iot plaform envionmental, energy & water monitoring


In 2016, Indicium Dynamics embarked on a mission to transform the way organisations collect, analyse, and communicate their data. The vision was simple yet powerful: make data management more intuitive and efficient, a vision born from the founder, Mike's, decade-long journey in the technology sector. Frustrated by the limitations of existing data management platforms, he sought a better way.

The name Indicium is inspired by the Latin word for "information," which reflects our commitment to turning data into meaning. We specialise in providing comprehensive IoT and Data Management solutions, working closely with our clients to transform their data management aspirations into reality.

As we evolved, the potential of data to create real-world impact became increasingly apparent. Our focus naturally started to shift towards transforming data into insights that help our clients create meaningful impact – in other words, "Measuring What Matters" in order to empower decision-making that enables decision-makers to create a real-world positive impact on people, place and the planet.

This newfound awareness ignited a core guiding principle that we were already living but hadn't yet articulated: a firm commitment to sustainability. Sustainability is not only something we enable for others but a principle we strive to live by within our own organisation. 

At Indicium Dynamics, we're wholeheartedly committed to partnering with organisations across all industries who share our passion for harnessing data's power to drive sustainability. Together, we're on a mission to leave a lasting, positive impact on our world. Join us in this journey to make data matter for a better future.

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