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Forest IoT Installation

Digital Forests

A digital forest refers to a virtual representation of a forest ecosystem created using digital tools and data analysis techniques. This virtual representation can be used to simulate and model various aspects of the forest, such as tree growth, species composition, resource distribution, and to make predictions about the impacts of different management and environmental scenarios on the forest over time.

The interest in digital forests represents a significant paradigm shift within the forest industry which is moving away from the reliance on manual and analogue systems of management, to more efficient digital systems involving real-time data collection, monitoring and analysis of forests - occurring off the forest floor. Welcome to the age of precision forestry.

Precision forestry: the digital transformation of forests

Precision forestry is an approach to forest management that uses modern technology and data analysis to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and profitability of forestry operations.


This approach involves the use of various technologies such as GPS, remote sensing, drones, and machine learning algorithms to collect and analyse data about forests, including information about tree species, tree size and growth, and forest structure and composition.


This data is then used to make informed decisions about a range of forestry activities, such as planting, harvesting, and reforestation, with the goal of optimising outcomes for the forest, its resources, and the people who rely on them. Precision forestry can help improve the efficiency of forestry operations by reducing waste, increasing yields, and decreasing the environmental impact of these activities, while also helping to ensure the long-term health and viability of the forest.

Indicium Digital Forest solar panel

Use remote monitoring technologies to gain deep insights into forest ecosystems

Mike Ross Indicium Dynamics CEO in field

There are countless technologies available that can be used in a forest setting to help forest managers to better 'tune in' to their unique ecosystems, better informing the decisions and practices that are used to develop and maintain both native and managed forest areas.

Our Indicium LoRaWAN network provides connectivity across remote landscapes, opening up possibilities for the use of IoT devices to remotely collect ongoing, accurate and discrete data that builds a better understanding of forest ecosystems.

The INDICIUM Platform, our innovative data management technology, provides a centralised space where data can be viewed, analysed and manipulated to gain insights that empower forestry managers to enhance and report on their natural capital management practices and outcomes.

Some of our Digital Forests clients

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