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Smart Buildings

Did you know that we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors? Residing within buildings that are not set up to maximise health and comfort means that not only can our education and work outcomes be negatively impacted, but so can our health. In addition, the heating, lighting and use of appliances and machinery within buildings have a flow-on environmental impact in the form of energy and water use inefficiencies, waste production, as well as carbon dioxide emissions.

Smart buildings are the next innovative shift in creating intelligent spaces, whereby technology is used to shape and facilitate interactions between people and the buildings in which they reside. These buildings can be people’s homes, offices, schools, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

What is a 'Smart' building?

A smart building is a type of building that incorporates advanced technology to improve its functionality and efficiency. These buildings use various systems and devices such as sensors, cameras, and control systems to collect data and optimise the building's performance in areas such as energy consumption, lighting, HVAC, security, and maintenance.

Smart buildings are designed to be more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective, as well as to provide a better and safer environment for occupants.

We work with you to design and implement your solution

Indicium Dashboard example

There are countless technologies available that can be used to deliver the Smart Building concept. It can be a daunting enough task to choose the right device, sensor or meter, without then considering how to integrate this technology with existing systems and data management processes. A fragmented system that is hard to use will not benefit anyone. 

At Indicium Dynamics, we work with clients to understand their smart building needs. Our solutions consider both immediate and future data needs and are built to scale and grow with an organisation.

As an end-to-end solutions provider, we work with clients across the whole project lifecycle, from concept development to solution implementation. We pride ourselves on creating ecosystems that collect high-quality data that is analysed to provide insights that allow clients to be responsive to their buildings and the people within them. 

Boost reporting capabilities with the INDICIUM Platform

Smart building data can provide valuable insights into a building's water usage, waste management, and materials sourcing, which are important considerations in the ESG certification process. By leveraging the data generated by smart building systems, building owners and managers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices and ESG principles and can improve their chances of obtaining ESG certification.

In addition to collecting, analysing and displaying data generated by Smart Building technology, the INDICIUM Platform can save time by exporting this data automatically into reporting databases.

Quality assurance

Product/component traceability

Climate Action Certification

GRI Standards

Sustainable Development Goals

Some of our Smart Building technologies

Indicium Smart Air Flyer

Some of our Smart Building clients

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