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Seven ways we're ELEVATING in 2024

Hello Indicium supporters!

Happy New Year to you all! As is the case every year, February has arrived wondering why we’re all so surprised.

January may have been a blur, but we did take the time to get out in nature together and engage in some goal-setting and a roadmap for 2024.

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If we were to use a word that captures our goals for Indicium this year, it would be ELEVATION. 2023 showed us Indicium's potential, and we got some exciting runs on the board (you can read about those in Rob's reflections from 2023). We know, however, that any growth requires strong internal foundations, systems, and processes, and following on from a recent team session, we’ve defined some goals for 2024:

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Maturing our processes. We're fostering a culture of continuous improvement, delving deeper into engagements with clients and suppliers to better understand their needs. Embracing a growth mindset, a core Indicium value, we thrive on challenges, learn from failures, and focus on lessons that shape future successes. Our goal is to gather more feedback via discussions and surveys and will use this data to ensure we are delivering quality outcomes for our clients.


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Optimising our asset management processes. Leveraging our tech strengths, we plan to be more proactive in managing our devices and infrastructure. It's a small but significant change that aligns with our goal to stay ahead of potential issues with connectivity, location, and power usage.


A Number 3 with three wooden blocks stacked spelling ISO

Formalising our internal capabilities, which will involve the active pursuit of industry-recognised certifications to help validate the quality of our services and expertise. This will enhance our credibility but also ensure that we stay aligned with the latest industry standards.


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Expanding our capabilities. The last 6 months have seen the careful curation of a team of highly skilled individuals. We have already seen improvements in the quality and maturity of our field deployments and our goal is to leverage the skills and experience of the team to expand our geospatial and spatiotemporal capabilities. Our team are adventurous, excellent problem solvers, and are comfortable with being challenged – all ingredients that are key to developing innovative technological solutions.


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Fully embedding sustainable practices. Recognising the impact of business practices on the planet, our team is committed to measuring our carbon footprint, to create a baseline against which we can track the impact of our changes. As we charge into February, we're implementing changes and working towards B Corp certification, to submit our application this year. Stay tuned for exciting technology that will help us monitor and measure our office waste!


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Elevating our team by investing in growth and well-being. In 2024, we will prioritise our team's growth and well-being, recognising them as our greatest asset. Through professional development, a supportive environment, and work-life balance, we will continue to foster a culture that propels our team to achieve their full potential. We are excited to kick off the year by welcoming IoT Systems Engineer Brad (see Brad's LinkedIn introduction) and anticipate introducing more new faces in the coming months via our socials. Stay tuned!

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Expanding our global impact. Indicium's solutions have gained traction in diverse regions like New Zealand, Malaysia, Africa, and Puerto Rico. In 2024, we prioritise nurturing key partnerships in Australia, Hong Kong, the US, Switzerland, and China, aiming to elevate our global reach and enable customers worldwide to benefit from Fire Foresight, Forest Foresight, and our environmental monitoring solutions. Stay tuned for updates on our exciting progress in the XPRIZE competition, potentially reshaping global wildfire detection methods.


So, in a nutshell, we’re excited about what’s ahead for 2024 and hope that you’ll follow along with us as we take the steps to achieve our goals.

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Wishing you an amazing 2024!

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