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Data Integration Solutions and Consulting

Indicium Dynamics is a full-service Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Integration solutions provider. We work with our clients to develop, design, integrate, manage, and support custom systems and data collection services.

Our low-code and affordable IoT solutions provide control over the collection, analysis, and display of data, optimising processes across a wide range of industries and organisations.

We are data integration and data management specialists

Solution Design

Indicium Dynamics helps clients embrace the benefits of IoT, designing solutions to meet specific data needs, which can be adapted as organisations change and grow. Our enterprise IoT solutions allow clients to leverage their data so that they can make informed decisions that drive growth, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.



Indicium EUCS install

Indicium Dynamics can bring customised solutions to life through our Solution Implementation services. We can provide a full life-cycle service, including device installation, commissioning and support.

Support & 

Indicium Support Image of Sophie

Keeping systems running and updated is the key to future trouble-free performance; however if something needs attention, we are here to help!

We pride ourselves on making data meaningful

As our world becomes more data-driven, the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) allows for the connection and exchange of a vast amount of data, leading to new insights and opportunities.


As data management specialists, Indicium Dynamics understands the importance of collecting data that is meaningful. In addition to facilitating the collection of data, our innovative cloud-based platform analyses and displays data so that it is understandable and enables decision-making that supports the ability of organisations to be more efficient, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of individuals in society.


Indicium Dynamics' key offerings

Using IoT, we can optimise processes across many industries

Improve efficiencies

Improve safety and security

Achieve cost savings

Achieve sustainability goals

Strengthen communities

Why work with us

Specialist Knowledge

Our Solution Architects can create a customisable solution designed to fit the needs of any business, both now and into the future


End-to-end Solutions

Our IoT specialists work with clients from the initial problem scoping and project outline, to the installation and maintenance of solutions


The INDICIUM Platform is our Enterprise IoT Platform that provides an intuitive approach to the collection and management of both structuered and unstructured data, organised centralised dashboards for easy viewing

Diverse Industry Applications 

We have delivered a wide range of successful projects across Water, Energy, Education, Agriculture, Forestry, and Local Government industries

No Lock-In

Tailored and customisable licences means that clients only pay for what is needed and used, without being locked into a single technology provider

Proudly Australian owned and operated

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to organise a demonstration and learn how Indicium Dynamics can help realise your organisation's potential.

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