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Utility and Energy Solutions

Indicium's IoT Solutions simplify the data journey for Utility and Energy companies, seamlessly connecting them to real-time operational insights.


Through our innovative IoT data management solutions, we empower businesses with actionable data, facilitating informed and impactful decision-making. At Indicium, we believe that harnessing the power of data should be effortless, and our IoT solutions pave the way for organisations to unlock the full potential of their data landscape.

We create future-proof data management solutions that empower operational control and adaptability to emerging needs and technologies

Indicium Dynamics provides Power and Utility providers with advanced data management solutions, offering real-time data insights and predictive analytics that enhance operational resilience in the face of a changing global climate.


Using the INDICIUM Platform, our IoT solutions seamlessly integrate and analyse data from any source, consolidating data insights for easy viewing within customisable dashboards. This means that users can make effective decisions more quickly, proactively predicting and responding to risk, and mitigating potential disruptions to critical infrastructure.


Indicium's IoT solutions provide users with access to their data at any place and any time, optimising service reliability and improving asset management efficiencies.

Take charge of your operational resilience – explore the possibilities with Indicium Dynamics.

Indicium dashboard

Gain the ability to remotely monitor and manage your operations in real time, providing immediate insights into performance and allowing for swift decision-making

Anticipate future trends and outcomes, allowing for proactive decision-making and the ability to stay ahead of potential challenges.

Define customised thresholds for various parameters, receive instant alerts when these thresholds are breached, and take control of your systems promptly to address potential issues before they escalate

Seamlessly integrate our IoT solutions with your current hardware and technologies, ensuring a smooth transition without the need for extensive modifications.

Create interactive dashboards tailored to your specific needs, offering a comprehensive view of your data. Drill into usage trends to uncover valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making

Ensure long-term relevance and adaptability by leveraging scalable solutions. Our IoT offerings grow with your business, accommodating increasing data loads and evolving technological landscapes.

Centrally view and manage a wide range of environmental paramaters

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We’ve been incredibly impressed with the Indicium Platform. Everything we do centres around our customers – as a lifeline utility, establishing a set of scalable, maintainable, and secure data integrations to better serve them is a key challenge.

The team at Indicium understand where we’re headed and the Indicium platform aligns with our strategic vision of being a data-driven organisation – it is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of software integrations – seamlessly joining data silos so we can gain greater visibility over our distribution network, and drive value for our customers.

Ryan Aspden
Chief Information Security Officer
Powerco, NZ

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Some of our Energy and Utility clients

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