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Smart Utilities

Industry 4.0, in combination with the recent global pandemic, has intensified the need for electricity, gas, water and waste management providers to embrace digitally innovative technologies as a way through which to improve productivity, and better meet the service demands of stakeholders. 

Using IoT improves safety and performance

Utility companies can utilise IoT in many ways to generate increased value from optimising processes and safety. For example, smart metering allows for real-time monitoring of energy and water usage, enabling demand-side management and more accurate billing. Integrating IoT devices into water systems can detect leaks in real-time, reducing water loss and improving efficiency. Predictive maintenance can be performed with IoT devices, reducing equipment and systems downtime, increasing infrastructure reliability, and lowering repair costs. The integration of IoT devices into energy grids can provide real-time energy generation and usage monitoring to balance supply and demand, decreasing blackouts and brownouts. Lastly, customer engagement can be improved by providing real-time information on energy and water usage, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their consumption.

Wind Turbines

The INDICIUM Platform allow monitoring of
real-time processes and outcomes 

When managing resources such as power, water, or other essential services, it is critical for resource managers to be aware of any system malfunctions or issues immediately. This is because delays in identifying and resolving problems can lead to a range of negative consequences that can affect both the resource provider and its consumers. These consequences can include the wastage of resources, leading to both a negative financial and environmental impact. Additionally, prolonged system downtime can lead to service disruptions and reduced service reliability, which can have severe consequences for consumers' experience and confidence in their provider. For instance, a power outage that lasts for an extended period can disrupt essential services such as hospitals, emergency services, and communication networks, potentially putting lives at risk.

The INDICIUM Platform helps resource managers to mitigate these risks, allowing for data to be viewed in near real-time for ongoing observation. Automated alerts can also be set up to notify key stakeholders when anomalies are detected in systems or resource levels, allowing for problems to be fixed quickly, reducing service disruptions. 

Indicium dashboard

Some of our Smart Utilities clients

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