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Disaster Resilience Solutions 

Climate change exacerbates risk factors associated with floods and fires by increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events, leading to rising sea levels, changes in precipitation patterns, and longer and more intense droughts. These conditions create an environment where floods become more frequent and severe, and fires are easier to start and spread. Climate change is also exacerbating existing risk factors, such as poor land use practices, aging infrastructure, and urbanisation, making it even more challenging to manage and mitigate the impacts of floods and fires. As a result, effective management and mitigation strategies are becoming increasingly important in reducing the risks posed by floods and fires in a changing climate.

We can help you access risk insights that help with disaster preparation and response

As an IoT integrator, Indicium Dynamics works with clients to help them develop IoT solutions that provide excellence in monitoring and feedback, helping to ensure the safety of the environment and the animals and people within it. Here are a few ways in which Indicium Dynamics can help:

Identification of Monitoring Requirements

We undertake a review of the client's monitoring needs and then identify the appropriate sensors, as well as the parameters that need monitoring (e.g) temperature, humidity, air quality, water quality etc.

Data Analytics and Visualisation

Indicium Dynamics can assist clients in developing data analytics models that can identify anomalies and provide predictive insights. These insights can then be visualised through dashboards and reports, providing real-time feedback to clients.

Integration with IoT Platforms

We integrate chosen sensors and devices with the client's existing IoT platform or build a new one if necessary. This can involve the use of a range of IoT technologies such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, or LTE-M to ensure that the data can be captured reliably and transmitted securely to the platform.

Actionable Insights and Alerts

The ultimate goal of IoT monitoring is to provide actionable insights and feedback that can help clients make informed decisions and take appropriate actions. We can set up alert systems and notifications that provide real-time feedback when specific conditions are met. 

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Alerts from the Cloud
Data Analytics and visualisation

Some of our Disaster Resilience projects

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Some of our Disaster Resilience clients

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