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Indicium Dynamics and Robotics Cats join forces to advance bushfire detection in Australia

Indicium Dynamics has consistently embraced the challenge of advancing data and IoT solutions. We are proud to unveil our most recent partnership with Robotics Cats, an AI leader renowned for their proficiency in computer vision related to bushfire detection. Our combined efforts have given rise to Fire Foresight, a groundbreaking innovation in the field of bushfire detection.

Australia’s bushfire risk in growing

Australia has often been characterised as a land of extremes, with a history of both severe droughts and heavy rainfall. The country is susceptible to bushfires during hot, dry, and windy periods when vegetation becomes vulnerable to ignition. These conditions, in turn, alternate with extended wet periods that foster rapid and extensive vegetation growth.

While bushfires are a natural and intrinsic aspect of the Australian landscape, they can have a devastating impact on lives, property and the environment. According to the CSIRO, the Black Summer Bushfires in 2019-2020 burned more than 24 million hectares, causing 33 deaths directly and almost 450 more from smoke inhalation. It is estimated that over 3 billion animals were killed or displaced.

A bus burnt out by bushfires in Australia
A bus burnt out by bushfires in Australia

The role of climate change in fire disasters

Climate change is resulting in more extreme weather patterns which impact fire behaviour.

According to Funk (2021) typically less than two per cent of the forest biome burns even in the most extreme fire seasons whereas the 2019/20 forest fires burnt 21 per cent. This is a globally unprecedented percentage of any continental forest biome burnt

Following a period of higher rain and prolific growth of vegetation and forest fuel loads, Australia is now confronted with forecasts of a longer fire season and higher temperature days. Combined with changing weather patterns and decreased rainfall, the Climate Council has termed Australia as ‘primed to burn’. Predictions of the increase in megafire years mean that effective fire prediction and detection are paramount.

Early fire detection is the key to reducing fire disasters

Bushfires are unpredictable, and destructive, and can rapidly escalate if not detected early. Traditional methods of detection are based on manual observation and therefore have limitations including a delay in fire detection, which gives fires time to build and escalate beyond being easily controlled. Researchers at the Australian National University have estimated that systems for early detection of fires could result in a potential annual economic savings of around $8.2 billion over the next 30 years.

Early detection is critical to managing bushfires before they cause widespread devastation. In dry summer conditions, every 10-minute delay in detecting a fire can see it grow up to 1500m2 (Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre)

Aware of the catastrophic impact of bushfires, Indicium Dynamics and Robotics Cats have combined expertise to develop Fire Foresight, an advanced remote fire-sensing solution that provides timely, precise and reliable fire detection data in real-time. The partnership provides the next innovative step in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for the early detection of fires, helping to protect people, infrastructure, the environment and its ecosystems from the devastating impact of bushfires.

The use of AI represents the next evolution in fire management practices. Unlike humans, AI technology remains focused 24/7, and is able to process and analyse data more rapidly and accurately. A great example of this is how the deployment of Robotics Cats' AI in Uruguay helped firefighters control a wildfire in 2 hours, saving hundreds of acres at Cabo Polonio. The fire was detected half an hour earlier using the AI than by conventional methods. Read more here.

Here’s how Fire Foresight works:

AI-powered Vision from Robotics Cats:

This technology allows for the detection of even the most subtle signs of a fire in various terrains. It ensures the earliest possible alert to emergency services, potentially saving lives and property.

IoT Connectivity by Indicium Dynamics: 

Real-time connectivity even in remote locations is our forte. With Fire Foresight, data flow is seamless, guaranteeing rapid responses and alerts.

Data Analytics & Insights:  

Harnessing our prowess in data solutions, Fire Foresight offers comprehensive insights for data-driven decisions, providing a broader view of potential fire threats and their progression.

Sustainability at Heart:  

We believe in technology that cares for our planet. Fire Foresight boasts a design focused on sustainability, with eco-friendly components and energy efficiency.

Uncompromised Security: 

In today's digital age, data security is non-negotiable. Fire Foresight ensures end-to-end encryption, safeguarding all transmitted data.

Integration & Scalability: 

Every region, large or small, can benefit from Fire Foresight. Its design facilitates easy integration with existing infrastructures and can be scaled to any requirement.

Image from a fire camera with Robiotics Cats AI detection box visible
Indicium Dynamics integrates Robotics Cats AI wildfire detection into its IoT platform and provides Fire Foresight to customers to detect early-stage bushfires and reduce fire risks

Looking Ahead

The collaboration between Indicium Dynamics and Robotics Cats signals a step towards a safer future for communities everywhere. Fire Foresight is more than just a product; it's our vision for a world where bushfire threats are managed with the utmost precision and efficiency.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. To learn more about Fire Foresight and how it can be tailored to your needs, book a time to chat below:

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