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Solution design

Solution Design

Our highly experienced IoT architects are skilled at analysing existing IoT configurations and can design a technological solution that aligns with any project or organisational goals.

We partner with our clients to truely understand their needs and deliver solutions that are affordable, holistic and scalable. We can manage the integration of existing systems and new technologies into a modern data platform.

We help clients get and stay ahead of the game with future proof solutions.

We support clients to achieve their business goals


We start with your goals and work back from there.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients to design solutions that will meet key organisational goals.

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We evaluate your existing processes and structures.

We review existing systems, processes and devices to ensure that our design works with your organisation, and uses resources efficiently.


We create a design that achieves your goals, quickly, affordably, and effectively.
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Once we have undertaken our analysis, our architects develop a design utilising time and materials in the most efficient way possible.


We present and discuss the proposed architecture with our clients to ensure our design will deliver the outcomes required.
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Solution Implementation

At Indicium Dynamics, we work with our clients to design, build and deploy solutions. We make the implementation of your solution easy by selecting, ordering, configuring, testing and installing any device required as part of our solution design. We have well-established processes in place for device configuration, field deployments and maintenance to ensure end-to-end tracking and data integrity.

Solution Implementation

We provide a streamlined
end-to-end service

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Device selection

As part of our solution design, we will research and recommend devices that will best suit our clients' needs. 

We have developed strong relationships with suppliers that we trust to provide affordable, reliable and high-quality products.

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Device configuration

Once received, we will configure and test devices to make sure that they are working optimally prior to deployment.


Device deployment

Once configured, our technicians will install devices. Our technicians are trained for working at heights, and aren't afraid to get their hands or feet dirty.

Easily access your data

Once deployed, devices are integrated using components from Indicium's IoT Stack, which collects, processes and displays data in an easy to understand way. Our clients can view their data in real-time, and select features that allow for customisation in the way in which data is managed and communicated.

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To learn more about the INDICIUM Stack, click below

Support and Maintenance

Indicium Support & Maintenance

Ensuring the systems we design and deploy continually perform at their optimum level well into the future is important to us. That's why Indicium Dynamics can provide ongoing support and maintenance services for our clients.

Our support services cover software and hardware. With multiple support levels available, we can design a cost-effective support package to provide peace of mind, knowing that Indicium is looking after critical solutions so our clients don't have to.

Services that we support include:

  • Software Support

  • Hardware Support

  • Platform Support

  • Network and Server Support

  • In-Field Device Support

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