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At Indicium Dynamics, the way that you access, interpret and control your data is important to us.


We believe your data should be accessible, reliable and easy to understand. That is why we have developed a custom IoT stack that is agile, customisable and has the capacity for a high level of integration with all existing data sources and networks. Let the Indicium Stack do all the hard work for you!


The INDICIUM API provides the connection pathways between different elements within a modern data platform. It allows applications to talk to each other, facilitating the collection and processing of data.


The INDICIUM DataBus collects data from different sources and/or platforms and allows this data to be processed and manipulated before forwarding it to the desired destinations.


The INDICIUM DataBus Edge is used for data integration within on-premises systems (e.g. SCADA, PLCs or IT-based systems). The DataBus Edge securely bridges the connectivity between on-premises data and the cloud.


The INDICIUM Cloud provides the primary user interface to end-users. This codeless platform is where users can manage the display of data via customisable dashboards. The INDICIUM Cloud can be white labelled and fully customised to individual requirements.

INDICIUM Health Monitor

The INDICIUM Health Monitor, which is integrated into all Indicium products, assesses the performance and health of all solution infrastructures. Automated alerts are generated for the Indicium support team to proactively investigate any potential problems.

Our solutions use the INDICIUM Stack to create innovative IoT platforms

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Data Analyst

See your data in real-time

Our processes are designed for maximum efficiency, ensuring data is available for consumers as soon as possible. Connect LoRaWAN sensors to SCADA with sub-second latency, or push data to apps using WebSockets. All "out-of-the-box" features!

Adding value

The innovative platforms we create are fully customisable to your needs and take away all the hard work involved in the collection, processing, communication and display of data.


Control the format and frequency in which your data is shared with your stakeholders.


Have full control over how your data is collected, analysed and shared. Extend further with scripts or customised code.


Set automated processes and alerts that control how your data is collected, analysed and reported.


Our platform is low-code, making it easy to use regardless of your technological expertise.

Brand our platform as your own.

White label

Enjoy data security at all times. Our architects can build secure Azure or IaaS deployments.


The Indicium platform connects to all existing network IoT communication technologies and service providers.


Our platform collects, processes and transforms your data into information, so that it makes sense.


Indicium dashboards analyse your data and display it in real-time using customisable visualisation features.


Operational technology

The INDICIUM DataBus can use a variety of technologies to connect to OT systems such as SCADA and BMS.

Speciality platforms

Specialised software packages exist in a variety of industries for managing specific types of data. We support specialised systems, and can custom build integrations to meet your requirements.

Cloud platforms

Cloud platforms like Azure and AWS make it very easy for organisations to store large amounts of data in the cloud. Our solutions integrate with all major cloud platforms and data storage technologies.


Integrate with on-premises or cloud based databases. Integrate legacy solutions into your IoT future.

File types

Import or export data in a variety of file types to enable easy integration with existing processes.

Data manipulation

Not all plugins are about reading and writing data. The INDICIUM DataBus includes a number of plugins for the real-time analysis and manipulation of data. This includes plugins for the aggregation of data and the execution of customisable scripts.

Scripts can be written in Python or C#, with an evolving set of API's available to make it easier to work with your data. This allows you to bring intelligence to the edge, with smarts deployed near the source of the data rather than in the cloud.

Indicium Dynamics is a member of the OPC Foundation and IoT Alliance Australia OPC is a standard-based interface into operational technologies like PLC's and SCADA systems.

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